Peapodbaby – How it all started!

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At the beginning of 2016 Pam had retired and Jane had moved into a new part time job.  Pam reportedly had a lightbulb moment and announced that babymassage was the way to go – of that she was definite!! and when Pam sets her mind on something you can be sure as hell its going to happen.  With a little persuasion she had me (Jane) agreeing that it was a great idea and we could work together to do something positive, offer some baby massage classes and help mums, dads and babies get off to the right start. We really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into!!

We had both trained as certified infant massage instructors (CIMIs) with the International Association Of Infant Massage (IAIM) as this was in our view the best, most credible and established training programme for infant massage.  We started looking at what baby massage classes could and should look like and that was when we had another “Eureka” moment.   Why just Babymassage?

What about antenatal mums and dads? Could we offer something more than they were able to access at the moment how could we help parents prepare not just for delivering their baby but help them be more informed and less anxious about actually becoming a parent and about taking that little squish home with them. With backgrounds in nursing/midwifery/child protection and paediatrics /health visiting/child protection we were educated and experienced in working with babies, parents and families and we know only too well the importance of stable attachment – could we provide something to help ensure a positive start for families- why not? Then of course mums are working for longer into their pregnancy and when do they get the time to look after themselves and take that bit of time to relax and feel pampered. We know that cortisol levels in pregnancy can have a detrimental effect on both mums and babies so why not look at ways of helping pregnant mums to relax and de-stress?  Why not pregnancy massage too?  We also know there are a variety of ways to help parents develop their bond and relationship with their baby, encourage safe and nurturing touch, support early communication and facilitate positive and healthy baby brain development. How could we support parents in understanding and developing cue based interactions and enhance their communication skills with their babies right from the start?

Well as they say – in for a penny, in for a pound!

And so Peapodbaby was born on 1st April 2016 (and since then has grown arms and legs!)

Never to do anything half hearted Pam and Jane have been busy. We now have Antenatal Parenting classes, Pregnancy Therapies including Pregnancy Reiki, Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy. We offer Babywearing Consultations, BabyMassage Courses, Baby Yoga Classes and Baby Signing.

And watch this space there is more to come!

Of course we wanted to make sure we continued our new business to as high a standard as we have always worked in our professional careers.  Having come from a health background that includes nursing, midwifery, supervisor of midwives, paediatric nursing, health visiting and child protection and with over 70 years of experience between us (OMG that makes us sound old!) its essential for us to ensure all of our services have a strong knowledge base and that we can feel confident in the evidence for all the classes we teach. We don’t just want to teach classes, we want to ensure anything we suggest to parents will have a positive outcome for them and their babies. Importantly we want to help parents to understand why they are doing anything we teach and the importance of attachment, nurturing touch, early interactions and communication.   We also want parents to feel “nurtured” so they can nurture their babies in return.

At the same time we wanted to have fun and make sure our mums, dads and babies have fun too. Lots of feedback from parents along the way has helped us shape and re-shape our classes so they are informative, positive and helpful but also relaxed, flexible, informal and fun!  We think we’re getting there but we are always open to suggestions.