Antenatal Preparation for Parenthood Course

Planting confidence, growing attachment, harvesting love!

At Peapodbaby we know that becoming a parent can be both rewarding and challenging. Pregnancy and having a baby is exciting but at the same time can be a time of lots of change and anxiety for new mums and dads. Peapodbaby antenatal education classes help prepare expecting mums and dads to increase the confidence and ability to parent and nurture your new baby and to build a strong and secure relationship with your child.

Peapodbaby preparation for parenthood course is all about helping expecting mums and dads to increase their knowledge about pregnancy and delivery and gain confidence in parenting skills that will help you meet your new baby’s needs, help you better understand your baby and lay down the building blocks for secure attachment and a happy healthy baby and family.

babyscanJane has worked with babies, parents and families for many years in nursing, midwifery and public health roles and from experience we know there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to parenting. Peapodbaby antenatal classes introduce ideas on parenting, provide  information  and share our knowledge and experience to facilitate parents to explore differing view points, recognise what aspects are important to you as new parents and empower parents to make informed decisions around pregnancy, delivery and parenting that are right for you and your baby.

We have a range of topics that include:

  • Labour and birth; what to expect during and after delivery; what partners can do to help, welcoming your new baby.
  • Feeding; Breast feeding, expressing and storing milk, bottle feeding, making up bottles, sterilising equipment, winding colic & reflux.
  • Practical skills and helpful tips for caring for your new baby; changing and bathing; sleeping; equipment.
  • Postnatal, baby brain development, baby cues and behaviour; attachment and becoming connected with your baby, nurturing touch; early communication;
  • What’s in the box?- looks at what you will receive in your baby box and what other equipment you might need.
  • Baby wearing demonstration using the stretchy wrap in your baby box.
  • Parenting styles, the physical and emotional impact of becoming a parent.

Peapodbaby antenatal preparation for parenthood is held over four evening sessions 6-8pm This course offers couples an opportunity to explore pregnancy, labour and parenthood in a relaxed and friendly environment. Each course is unique and is tailored to meet the needs of the group.

Here’s what a few of our parents said about the course:

“Feel a lot more informed and confident than before the classes” (Laura & Kenny)

“Hi there, I’ve been meaning to send you a message since before Christmas to say we are really glad we did the antenatal classes with yourselves. We did the NHS ones and would have been very unprepared if we hadn’t done yours! Baby …arrived 8lbs 13oz. 😀.” (Claire) 

“Loved the antenatal classes !!! Useful info, great leader, relaxed atmosphere. And not too wishy washy or hippy- just down to earth. highly recomend !” (Jen)


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Cost £150 per couple (mum & partner )

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