“Happy Baby” Classes

Peapod  “Happy Baby” classes provide you with the perfect opportunity to take part in a fun mix of storymassage, sensory and baby yoga sessions with your baby. Happy Baby classes are suitable from the age of 8 weeks to crawling. It’s an ideal follow on from baby massage class with mutual rewards to health and well being for you and your little one.

Peapod “Happy Baby ” sessions combine a range of storymassage, baby yoga techniques and baby sensory. Each week we  warm up with a little storymassage. Then we introduce your baby to dynamic and rhythmic movements which are perfect for nurturing and developing your baby’s ever-changing body. Finally we explore different sensory experiences such as lights,bubbles, parachute, scarves, ribbons and instruments. As with all of our peapodbaby classes the storymassage, sensory and movements are supported by lots of music and interactive fun. 

Peapod “Happy Baby ” sessions offer your baby the chance to explore new sensory experiences and movement in many dimensions, including: facing forwards, backwards, upwards and downwards, all within a completely safe environment.   The movements have all been designed to work with the baby’s body systems and can help improve the digestive system, strengthen the immune system and help brain development just to name a few.  The sessions are rounded off with some deep breathing relaxation exercises for parents and a short rejuvenating relaxation.

There is a warm and friendly atmosphere in our classes .  If at any point during the session you need to feed or change your baby it is absolutely fine to do so.

What are the benefits of “Happy Baby” classes?

There are numerous reasons that both babies and parents love our Happy Baby sessions, with just a taste of what you can hope to achieve provided below:

  • sensory experience for baby stimulating all of the senses
  • supporting development
  • aiding sleep
  • regulating baby’s digestive system
  • boosting the immune system
  • maintaining flexibility in the spine and joints
  • strengthening and improving muscle tone
  • relaxing and calming
  • using positive touch with your baby
  • playing/bonding/relaxing with your baby
  • learning about your baby
  • spending special time with your baby
  • healing after a difficult or traumatic birth
  • gaining confidence in handling your baby
  • dealing with post-natal depression
  • learn deep breathing and relaxation techniques
  • improving muscle tone and strength after pregnancy
  • empowering yourself through parenting

Additional information

Happy Baby classes are suitable for babies from 8 weeks to crawling. Classes are small, friendly and relaxed. Anyone can join our “Happy Baby” sessions as no previous experience is necessary however, we do advise that both mother and baby have had their 6-8 week GP check-up before starting our Happy Baby classes.

It’s also advisable that mums do not participate in the exercises during their first 14 weeks of pregnancy .

mums are advised to bring any usual items required for feeding and changing. We suggest wearing comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

Due to Covid-19 we are no longer offering refreshments at the end of the class. We also ask parents to bring their own towel and sensory items ( scarf, rattle, ribbons, toy)

A peapodbaby sensory pack is available for purchase but is not a specific requirement.


Happy baby classes are run over 5 weeks and cost £48 per course.

Places are limited and availability is on a first come first serve basis.

Gift vouchers available

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