Rhythm and Sign Classes

Baby signing is a lovely form of pre verbal communication which can enable babies to communicate long before they can talk. This is because they are able to make simple language signs with their hands before they develop the ability to say words. This is extremely useful for parents, extended family and others caring for little ones to know as research has also shown that babies can understand much more than they are able to say. Baby Signing been around for a long time but has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years as a wonderful way of enhancing communication.

As of February 2019, we have changed the name from “baby signing” to” RHYTHM AND SIGN” to reflect the additional aspects of this class -baby signing , music , instruments plus some sensory fun!

Benefits of Rhythm and Sign

  • Increases confidence/boosts self esteem
  • Can reduce frustrations
  • Compliments language and speech development
  • Encourages bonding and interaction
  • Can help parent understand what baby wants/needs
  • Learning new rhymes and songs
  • Empowers baby to communicate early

Peapodbaby Rhythm and Sign teach basic BSL (British Sign Language) using an action packed session of  singing & signing, rhymes & signs, musical percussion instruments and props to provide a stimulating fun  filled 45 minutes. Classes are suitable from  approx 4 months onwards and are relaxed and baby friendly. The course is a rolling programme of 8 weeks which means you can join in any week for 8 consecutive classes.

Feeling  the beat – Developing rhythmic awareness

As soon as children are able to move, clap, grasp sticks or shakers to keep the beat, they can learn to synchronise actions, developing their rhythmic awareness.  Nursery rhymes go some way to support this development. Regular moving to and keeping the beat using body percussion, movement and instruments, to music with a strong steady drum beat will maximize the potential to develop rhythmic awareness.

Listening and Singing – Developing pitch and melodic awareness

Listening to musical arrangements from birth help to develop pitch and melodic awareness.  Encouraging children to listen to and sing daily with a wide range of melodies will help them to develop awareness of pitch, tempo, dynamics and to refine their ability to hear and sing in tune. Again nursery rhymes will go some way to support this development but listening to, singing with, and responding to recorded music of many different styles and genres will maximize the potential development of melodic awareness.

Each week covers a theme:-

  1. The Basics
  2. Nappy/Bath Time
  3. Getting Dressed
  4. Bed Time
  5. Vehicles and going out
  6. Health and emotions
  7. Weather
  8. Family
Baby signing teacher qualification

Our instructor is a qualified baby signing instructor.

Location & Price

Rhythm and Sign classes are held in Dundee at the Barrie Centre, Rennel Road DD4 7DU (Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall) Classes are currently held on  Wednesdays  10.30-11.15 am  

The cost includes a handout with signs of the week plus refreshments. Please complete our enquiry form below for more details, dates and availability. We ask advance payment to secure a place. Please see section on how to book.


8 week course£48

Requests for  a short block will be subject to availability and charged at £7 per class.


 Wednesday 31st July 2019  10.30-11.15     OPEN FOR BOOKING NOW! 

(class dates:- Wednesday 31st July, 7th 14th 21st 28th August, 4th 11th and 18th September)


(contact us via our enquiry page  to find out if there’s availability to  join the current class- there just might be a space! )


Gift vouchers covering the cost of this course are available 


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